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Innovate & Dominate

American Localization

The United States accounts for nearly half of the hundred billion dollars spent globally on software. US customers are extremely picky and expect nothing less than perfection from the applications they run. We can help guide your software development team towards world-class quality while maintaining the unique viewpoint and innovations of your culture.

Application Marketing

The software market is incredibly competitive, and cutting through the noise is not as easy as we would hope. Our approach to application marketing is extremely deep and involves every aspect of our clients’ business. Everything you do, from product development to customer service is an opportunity to gain attention for your software.

Application Improvement

The software industry has been evolving rapidly, with powerhouses like Google and Apple raising our expectations from our software. On the other end of the spectrum, young, fearless startups are constantly disrupting our world. We can help you modernize your software so that you are using proven methodologies and technologies during your development.

Increase Market Share

Wether you are a newcomer or the current incumbent, it is crucial that you control as much of your market as possible.

Attract New Customers

By evaluating and improving your software we can help you exploit markets you may not have considered yet.

Lead Your Industry

Use our fresh approach to business to help you identify new ways to serve your customers, rather than just following your competition.

Increase Profits

By putting the customer first and focusing on world-class attitudes, we can guide your business to higher profits.


Meet the core team

We’ve built our infrastructure around the concept of a globally distributed, elite workforce. Because we’ve spent so much time perfecting our “remote-first” infrastructure, we are able to quickly evaluate, hire and integrate team members that are perfectly targeted towards your project. That said, we do have a small leadership team that makes up the core of our business.


Cameron McEwan

Cameron has worked in an interesting range of industries, from fashion to media production. He has a deep thirst for knowledge and a passion for technology and business.

Director of Marketing

Shinji Murakoshi

Shinji is an artist and a traveler, and has been all over the world. Currently he is one of the most in-demand marketing experts in Tokyo. He has a knack for helping people and brands tell their stories to the world in a way that gets financial results.

Director of Translation

Aya Iyoda

Aya moved to America when she was young to follow her dream of being a media translator. She is currently living that dream in Japan, and has been credited for her work on everything from YouTube videos to major hollywood films.

Our clients

We are grateful to report that most of our clients have been referrals from other happy customers. The majority of our work comes from word-of-mouth and we attribute that to our commitment to our clients success. Here are some of the software companies we’ve been able to help over the years.

Ready for the next level?

If you are ready to take your software business to the next level, fill out the form to the right and we will get in touch within 24 hours.

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