Bitcoin, but for humans.

Solomon Pierce

Bitcoin had an image problem.

Despite being one of the most amazing technologies of our time, Bitcoin was still seen as a toy for nerds. We found a way to make Bitcoin feel human and relatable.

Solomon Pierce

We decided to make this fun.

Cryptocurrency projects are dying to be seen as "legitimate"—whatever that means.

We worked with to loosen that up a bit and put the spotlight where it belongs: a new generation of mavericks that are working to "unbank the banked."

Here's how we did it.

The right tool for this job was video. We created a bunch of short, genuine videos designed to hide the geeky stuff and showcase the human side of Bitcoin.

Social Ads

The first group of videos we made were short ads for social media that focus on's products.

Merchant Stories

Next, we put the focus on the store owners that accept Bitcoin Cash. This series of short videos gave a human face to the cryptocurrency.

We filmed around the world, asking each merchant to answer in their native language. Since most video is watched without sound these days, the English subtitles were a natural fit.

Solomon Pierce

The project was an absolute success.

The videos were a hit. saw an increase in follower count and engagement whenever one of these videos was released.

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