From followers to customers.

Solomon Pierce

It was time to go beyond social media.

Cha2 is a well-known designer in Tokyo, but he wanted a new way to make money from his talent. We helped him launch an online store that would provide a passive revenue stream while he expressed his artistic vision.

Here's how we did it.

We connected Shopify and Printful to create an online clothing store that required almost zero maintenance.

We unleashed a creative beast.

We gave him a brand-new canvas to express himself with, but this one came with a profit margin. As his follower count grew, so did his customer base.

Fully automatic

The entire system is automated, so customer service is practically non-existent. His designs are ordered, printed, and delivered without him ever having to lift a finger.

Solomon Pierce

A new brand was born.

People all over the world are wearing his designs. His social media accounts keep sending him new customers, and once they purchase they tend to come back for more.

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