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Solomon Pierce

We shape DeFi products into market trailblazers

Our products have been featured on:

World Economic Forum American Institute for Economic Research Nasdaq CNBC ZeroHedge CoinDesk

We help companies optimize their products for market penetration

We refine their strategies, incentives, and branding until we've unlocked extreme product-market fit.

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Dominate DeFi.
Rapidly grow your TVL and liquidity

Incentive design is crucial in DeFi. We amplify profitability for your users by aligning product features with token utility.

Our Expertise:

  • Advanced Tokenomics
  • Revenue Models
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Ship fast. Release an incredible product in manageable stages

Ruthlessly prioritize feature releases. Predict user needs and deliver the solution before they want it. We'll help you capture the market quickly while evolving towards a more grand vision.

Our Expertise:

  • Roadmap Strategy
  • Platformization
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Stand out. Build a community around a story that inspires

The right narrative will ignite an audience around you. We create messaging strategies that unite products with their stories. This reinforces your narrative with every feature release and marketing interaction.

Our Expertise:

  • Niche Definition
  • Messaging Strategy
  • Branding

It's time to build

Products that are perfected now will be the champions of the next cycle. Are you serious about building a global financial platform? Is your team up to the challenge?

Let's create something incredible together.

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