Attractive woman that represents the brand image we helped develop for a Tokyo-based web magazine and e-commerce site


Earth Child

We helped create a revenue stream for a popular web magazine.


This Japanese company came to us with a strong vision but needed help executing it. They had all the real-world connections they needed but wanted some direction when it came to online sales.

Earth Child Website Design


We created a brand name and e-commerce website that would act as a backbone for their big plans. We built on a Shopify backend to make sure tracking and shipping orders would be painless.

Custom Shopify Design


Since working with them they've expanded quite a bit, and the tools we provided were able to grow with them.

They've started creating and selling their own products and have received quite a bit of attention from the Japanese and Chinese press.

The future looks bright for Earth Child.

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Image and tagline from the Shopify website we created for an energy drink company

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Customer using the simplified UX we designed for a heating oil website built on Shopify


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