Happy African children that were fed by the charity whose website we designed

Web Design


We helped share a vision larger than charity.


Young men in their community helping to feed their neighbors thanks to eatBCH

This was about building communities.

The challenge eatBCH faced was being seen as a charity while they were so much more. In reality, they were a network of communities helping each other out while their economies collapsed.

Children in South Sudan fed by a charity whose website we designed and developed
Venzuelan child enjoying a meal paid for by the charity we helped brand

This would be our biggest challenge yet.

Our first idea was to build everything around asking people to donate, but eatBCH isn't a typical nonprofit. They wanted us to show the world the warmth and resilience of their local communities.

Here's how we did it.

We focused on the positive. Photos of happy people eating warm meals together. Uplifting copy that made the volunteers shine. We aimed to evoke feelings of joy rather than pity.

We kept it genuine.

We only used photos directly from the volunteers. Sure, professional photos may have looked "better", but these low-res images would help form real connections.

This time, we grew.

We always strive to push our clients to a higher level. But this one ended up pushing us. Putting money aside and focusing on the power of people was an excellent experience.

Adorable children in Venezuala eating a donated meal

Well, it worked.

eatBCH continues to grow. They are now the go-to charity in the Bitcoin Cash world. Donations keep coming in, and hungry people keep getting fed.


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